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Windows Server 2019

Best Practice Analyser – ‘Warning’ Short file name creation should be disabled – Configuration

Disabling Short filename Creation frees up performance for other file server tasks This will stop NTFSfrom generating the 8 char filename alias for all files (only required for very old software) Example: Query the current state for the setting: To disable the function, change the following registry value & reboot the system HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation Set …

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Windows Server 2019 adds support for Office 365 ProPlus

Yesterday Support for Office 365 ProPlus on Server 2019 was made official on the Microsoft Blog, long awaited support for a lot of SMB companies using O365 with RDS: Our priority is to continue to deliver a great Office experience in on-premises virtualized environments; we have updated our Office 365 support requirements and Windows Server support documentation to reflect …

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Missed Windows Server Summit?

Missed the summit yesterday? no worries the recordings are available. Awesome content! Definitly worth a look!     Session list: Windows Server Summit Keynote (00:45) Keynote: Windows Server management reimagined (01:00) Hybrid track: Remote Desktop Services on-premises and on Azure (00:45) Security track: Protect your virtualization fabric from insider threats (00:45) HCI track: From Hyper-V …

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