Windows Server 2019 adds support for Office 365 ProPlus

Yesterday Support for Office 365 ProPlus on Server 2019 was made official on the Microsoft Blog, long awaited support for a lot of SMB companies using O365 with RDS:

Our priority is to continue to deliver a great Office experience in on-premises virtualized environments; we have updated our Office 365 support requirements and Windows Server support documentation to reflect Office 365 ProPlus support for Windows Server 2019.

We recommend taking the following steps as a best practice:

– Run Office 365 ProPlus on Windows Server 2019
– Leverage flexibility of Windows Server 2019 to implement single and multi-session capabilities
– Deploy FSLogix to ensure smooth user profile roaming and end user experience at log on
– Use OneDrive with the Files On-Demand capabilities for optimized storage and retrieval of user files

source: Server Blogs

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