The #Windows11 context menu

Windows 11 introduced the new context menu (right-click menu)

example of right-click on the desktop
the previous experience (SHIFT Key + Right click

The new menu has the most used options instantly available where the less used options are ‘hidden’ behind the ‘Show more options’ extra click

For me the new menu took some getting used to, but once embraced it’s very nice to use!

Not everyone has gotten used to the new interface yet & many users are asking to return the old experience to Windows 11 or make it possible to set the default.

Getting to the ‘full context menu’ however does not require 2 clicks.

When you need it, hold down the SHIFT key while clicking to instantly open the full option context menu

right-click on a file
SHIFT key + right click on a file


    • Maison da Silva on August 3, 2022 at 5:04 pm
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    Very good

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