Windows 10 Feature: Clipboard History

One Windows 10 feature that turns a lot of heads every time I demo it is Clipboard History.

This feature was already available on the 1809 release since the May 2019 update, 1903 it can do even more!

How do I turn this on?

just type Windows-key + V
and this window will appear
click on the Turn on button

What does it bring me?

I used to need to re-copy a lot before being able to paste the correct text or image because the clipboard could only hold 1 item before.

The classic ‘I already copied something else’ nightmares are over!
Clipboard History now enables you to recover up to 25 previous copied items for pasting

Typing CTRL+C & CTRL+V still have the same functionality
When you type Windows-Key+V however, you get the choice of what to paste

more on this: Windows Community Blog

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