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Why Every IT Pro Should Be Flighting Insider Builds of Windows

The Windows Insider Program offers a great way to preview the latest features and updates of Windows before they are released to the general public. As an IT professional, you can benefit from testing insider builds of Windows in several ways: Flighting insider builds of Windows can offer numerous advantages to IT professionals. However, it’s …

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Advanced Wi-Fi troubleshooting in Windows (Wlan-Report)

Users having network connection issues are no fun, wired troubleshooting is mostly straight forward. Wireless connections however can be an bigger challenge… 1st thing to do usually is checking for driver updates for the adapter so far easy. Users having issue sometimes & usually not when you’re at the device to help them can be …

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Resources for IT Pros to build their careers in cloud technology

  Cloud technology is transforming the role of IT. Building new skills and learning about cloud technology is important for career growth.   Microsoft is introducing two new free programs for IT Professionals who want to build and grow their career in the cloud-first world. Join now!    Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials   A free annual subscription that …

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