Resources for IT Pros to build their careers in cloud technology



Cloud technology is transforming the role of IT. Building new skills and learning about cloud technology is important for career growth.   Microsoft is introducing two new free programs for IT Professionals who want to build and grow their career in the cloud-first world. Join now!


 Microsoft IT Pro Cloud Essentials  

A free annual subscription that includes free cloud services, education and support.

Cloud services:

Azure credits, Enterprise Mobility Suite 90-day trial, and Office 365 60-day trial


Pluralsight 3 month subscription, certification exam voucher, and IT Pro Career Center


Priority support in the TechNet forums and a phone support incident

Microsoft IT Pro Career Center

A free online resource to help IT Professionals map their cloud career path

Career Mapping:

Discover what industry experts suggest for your cloud role

Cloud Role Courses:

Follow a learning curriculum for your chosen cloud role

Industry Career Trends:

Hear from industry experts about the skills you need to succeed

Personality Traits:

Get insights on your personality traits and how they matchup to cloud roles

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