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Windows Clipboard History

One of the coolest features of Windows 11 is the clipboard history. This allows you to access and paste multiple items that you have copied before, without losing them. You can also pin items that you use frequently, such as your email address or phone number, and synchronize them across your devices. Here’s how to …

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Reliability History- quick status check

When issues arrise on a Windows device many of us dive into the eventlogs, check when latest updates were installed, when the device was restarted, how often does a certain app crash… This can be quite a job filtering through logs, looking up info at numerous locations. Windows has a built-in tool that does a …

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Windows 11 Release Health Videos

The Windows 11 release health page found here: Windows 11 Updates Has this great new feature, every month the Patch-Tuesday update changes are neatly bundled with a video explaining what’s fixed & what’s new in this month’s updates and even some tips! Making them easier to understand even for less tech savvy end-users. Here’s the …

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