Reliability History- quick status check

When issues arrise on a Windows device many of us dive into the eventlogs, check when latest updates were installed, when the device was restarted, how often does a certain app crash…

This can be quite a job filtering through logs, looking up info at numerous locations.

Windows has a built-in tool that does a lot of this work for you, it’s called Reliability History / Monitor

To find it tap start & start typing ‘reliability’ search should show it quite fast

screen capture of start searching for reliability history

If your display language is not English, you’ll have to search for the translated term for reliability (example: Dutch = Betrouwbaarheids geschiedenis)

Pro-tip: Typing “perfmon /rel” into the run box or CLI works on any language

Alternatively, you can open up control panel & navigate System and security / Security and Maintenance & expand maintenance to find it

location of the tool in control panel

The top part of the tool shows a graphical overview of the past days

top part of the app shows a graphical overview of events

The bottom part adds a detailed list of crashes, updates of apps & Windows, the typical logs you go hunt for when issues arrise

Example of a device where explorer crashed a couple of times & had a BSOD

This saves me a lot of time while doing the initial analysis of a device, hope this helps you too!

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