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Cool Windows 10 Feature: Search With Screenshot

A new option in taskbar search, also available in the recently released 2004 Version of Windows 10 ‘Search with a screenshot’ integrates Bing Visual Search with Snip & Sketch This enables you to quickly grab a snip of something on your screen and look it up on the internet.

#MSBuild: WinGet – Windows Command Line App Installer

At Build Microsoft released their own package repo accessible from any device to facilitate easy deployment of packages & applications How do you get this on your device? Step 1 Open the Windows Store to grab your copy of App Installer If you already have it installed make sure you get it updated to the …

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How to Set Default Sign-in Option in Windows 10

At the logon screen by default the last used sign in method is shown You might have many options to choose from, – Pin– Password – Picture– Microsoft account– Face Recognition– Fingerprint (Helo) If you want to set a default logon method for your users, a reg tweak can do this for you: It’s stored …

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Bing Wallpaper

Used to have the Bing Desktop Toolbar installed to have a new wallpaper from Bing every day like me? Microsoft’s Bing Wallpaper tool will do just that for you now, get it here: Microsoft Bing Wallpaper Combine this with the option to “Automatically pick an accent color from my background” in Settings/Personalization/Colors and you pc’s …

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Announcing Universal Print: a cloud-based print solution

Commercial and educational customers moving to the cloud with Microsoft 365 have long needed a simple, easy print experience for their employees. Today we are happy to announce a private preview of Universal Print, a Microsoft cloud-based print infrastructure that will enable a simple, rich and secure print experience for users and help reduce time …

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The New Edge Is Here

January 15th Microsoft released new Edge Browser, based on the Chromium Engine This does not mean the Old Edge will be replaced on your system right away. If you want it Today, you can get it here: New Edge Download Link If you’re planning to roll it out at your company, go here for the …

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Lost your Windows 10 Recovery Partition? Can’t run mbr2gpt?

Here’s how to fix it: You will need Windows 10 Setup media to recover the WinRE.wim, if you don’t have this you can user Media Creation Tool To avoid the need for extra partitions, I used a folder c:\recovery mount your setup media (iso or usb)  in an elevated prompt run the following commands: creating …

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Resume from Black Screen magic key-combo

Ever resumed from standby & confronted with a black screen? 1st response would be to hit some keys, move the mouse & if the doesn’t work press the power button for 4 seconds & start the machine again with potential unsaved work lost? Ad this one to your steps, it might just get you there …

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Easy way to Access Your UEFI bios

Noticed how hard it seems to get to get into some devices UEFI Bios? Lots of different ways to trigger it, every vendor using other keys, F1, F10, Del,…. How many reboots before your were fast enough to press the right key? One way to rule them all! On Windows 10 run the following command …

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Windows 10 Feature: Clipboard History

One Windows 10 feature that turns a lot of heads every time I demo it is Clipboard History. This feature was already available on the 1809 release since the May 2019 update, 1903 it can do even more! How do I turn this on? easy: just type Windows-key + V and this window will appear …

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