How to use Microsoft Assessments to improve your cloud adoption

Are you looking for a way to assess your cloud readiness and optimize your Azure solutions? Do you want to get tailored feedback and best practices from Microsoft experts? If so, you should check out Microsoft Assessments, a free online platform that helps you evaluate your business strategies and workloads on Microsoft Learn.

Microsoft Assessments are interactive questionnaires that cover diverse topics such as Azure Well-Architected Review, Cloud Adoption Strategy Evaluator, App and Data Modernization Readiness Tool, and more. By completing a customized survey that addresses a wide array of operational and technical needs, you receive a tailored evaluation of your organization’s current strategies and processes, with specific guidance to help you achieve your goals.

Microsoft Assessments are designed to help you:

  • Assess your readiness: You can measure your current state and identify gaps or areas of improvement in your cloud adoption journey.
  • Get a score: You can get a numerical score that reflects your level of alignment with Microsoft best practices and industry standards.
  • Take action: You can review recommendations at your convenience and plan your next steps to improve your score and optimize your cloud solutions.
  • Track and share progress: You can save your assessment progress, create milestones, and share your results with others who can help you implement the recommendations.

Microsoft Assessments are easy to use and accessible from any device. You can start an assessment by choosing one that aligns with the business strategies or workloads you’d like to evaluate. You can then answer a series of questions that will help Microsoft understand your current situation and goals. Based on your responses, you will receive a curated and personalized guidance report that contains actionable recommendations, links to relevant resources, and tips to avoid common pitfalls. You can also compare your results with previous assessments or with other organizations in your industry.

Microsoft Assessments are a fantastic way to accelerate your digital transformation and get the most out of your cloud investments. Whether you are new to Azure or an experienced user, you can benefit from the insights and feedback provided by Microsoft Assessments. To get started, visit Microsoft Learn and browse the available assessments. You can also learn more about Microsoft Assessments by reading the frequently asked questions or watching the video tutorial.

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