#MSBuild: WinGet – Windows Command Line App Installer

At Build Microsoft released their own package repo accessible from any device to facilitate easy deployment of packages & applications

How do you get this on your device?

Step 1

Open the Windows Store to grab your copy of App Installer


If you already have it installed make sure you get it updated to the latest version (1.0.41331.0 or higher)

Step 2

Fire up a PowerShell window & run Winget Show to list all available packages

The 1st time I ran this on May 19th, the listing had 146 packages, only 2 days later…

Today May 21st we’re up to 194!

[Edit September 5th]

September 5th almost 1000 apps ready to deploy

Example: to install Power Toys

run WinGet install ‘Power Toys’


The build in search option make sit easier to find the package you need n this rapid growing repo


Windows Packet Manager on Github

WinGet info on MSDocs

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