ITPROceed yet another IT Event in Belgium?


We’re going to ITPROceed on June 14th 2016 @Utopolis Mechelen

Hope to see you there!

ITPROceed yet another IT Event in Belgium?

Wrong! ITPROceed is THE technology geek fest for IT Professionals in Belgium on Microsoft technologies, tools, platforms and services.

This one day event will be your one-stop for all your questions regarding new technologies and how they will become more and more important for you as an IT Professional and your customers.

The day will be packed with sessions about the new technologies and how you can implement and use them in your day to day business as an ITPRO. These sessions will be packed with notes from the field and delivered by top notch speakers who earn their stripes daily by delivering solutions build on these technologies.

ITPROceed yet another Microsoft drive event in Belgium?

Wrong again! ITPROceed is a joint effort between the ITPROfessional User Groups with strong support from Microsoft. Their mission? Delivering you content throughout the year about the technologies they represent and work with. ITPROceed is the pinnacle for the user groups to have an open forum to all attending ITPRO’s to show what their technology is capable of and how it is evolving in the faster and faster changing ITPRO world we live in today.

ITPROceed is focused on one particular technology?

Wrong again! ITProceed will have separate tracks touching almost every aspect of the broad spectrum of technologies ITPRO’s support throughout the ITPRO universum. This is in fact also one of the key benefits of ITPROceed: you can stay in your comfort zone and follow the track you specialize in or make a bold move and join other ITPRO’s in another track to explore whole new worlds and broaden your spectrum.

Technologies that will be discussed in the different tracks:

  • Azure
  • Azure Stack
  • Nano and Server 2016
  • SharePoint
  • Lync
  • Unified Communications
  • Windows 10
  • Office 365
  • System Center
  • SQL
  • Cloud OS

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