Windows 10: Latest Insider Build has Windows Defender Offline integrated

Windows Defender Offline, a great tool to do an offline scan of your pc has been around for a while, enabling you to create a bootable usb-stick or ISO/CD has been integrated into the latest build of Windows 10 Insider 14271.

Opening Settings / Update & Security / Windows Defender you’ll notice the new option scrolling down to the bottom.

Windows Defender

Pressing the ‘Scan Offline’ Button will immediately start a reboot of your device

Windows Defender 2

Your system will reboot in a ‘mini’ version of Windows only showing the Windows Defender application to work with

Windows Defender 4

Windows Defender 3

Defender runs a ‘Quick Scan’ (scans memory & system locations) and returns to your operating system.


Cool new feature to do some quick troubleshooting!

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