Registry tweak enables faster start-up for Apps in Windows 10


You may have come across a nag from the Windows Action Center that asks you to consider disabling some apps from the start-up process when Windows boots; this is all part and parcel of Microsoft trying to ensure speedy boot times, and as a result — from Windows Vista onward — it added a “Start-up delay” for apps. This is especially apparent in Windows 8,  which was geared mainly toward touch and tablets.

This start-up delay can be disabled with varying results, to reduce the delay, do the following:

  1. Right click on the Start button, select Run
  2. Type regedit and hit the Enter key (or OK button)
  3. Go to the following Registry key:

    If the “Serialize” key does not exist, you should create it in “Explorer” by right clicking on Explorer: New > Key (name it Serialize).

  4. Create a new DWORD value in the Serialize key called StartupDelayInMSec and set it to 0:

That’s it! Depending on how many items you have in your start-up folder, you may notice a significant boost in the speed of how apps start on boot. Of course this could result in longer boot times if you have lots of start-up processes.

Give it a try and if it’s not for you simply follow the steps above again, this time deleting the Serialize key to revert back to the start-up delay.

This tweak will also work on Windows 8 and 8.1, if you are not familiar with regedit, we recommend that you skip over this tweak.

Source: Neowin By Steven Parker

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