Microsoft releases KB2839011 to address Windows 7’s infinite reboot bug caused by KB2823324 update

During April 2013 Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released an update for Windows 7 (KB2823324) which was a security update for the Windows 7 file system kernel-mode driver. Unfortunately for some users, this update has resulted in an infinite reboot loop.

Microsoft is aware of this issue and has issued a formal statement. “We’ve determined that the update, when paired with certain third-party software, can cause system errors. As a precaution, we stopped pushing 2823324 as an update when we began investigating the error reports, and have since removed it from the download center,” Microsoft stated in an official blog post.

Microsoft has released KB2839011 to address this issue, which helps Windows 7 users uninstall the update, if it was already installed. Microsoft ha since removed KB2823324 from Windows Update to avoid any further problems.

Microsoft has provided two ways to remove the update. First is via the Control Panel, under programs and installed updates, simply select and remove “Security Update for Microsoft Windows (KB2823324).” If that does not work, you can use command prompt to remove the update. Hit the source link for technical details on how to remove it.


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