Samsung Omnia 7 and bluetooth carkit

Hi Everyone,

Sometimes the most difficult, annoying and most bugging issues come with the easiest fix ever. That same is true for using my Samsung Omnia 7 phone together with my build-in car kit from BMW. If you’re fed up with the cracking noice while making a call over bluetooth, or with the lost bluetooth connectivity at the moment you’re ready to pick up your call, grab your phone while you’re reading this and do exactly the following:

– Unlock your screen and go to SETTINGS
– Switch off your WIFI connectivity

Et voila, it’s as simple as that…

You cannot imagine how long that I’ve been struggeling with this issue. I searched the internet for many hours trying to look for a fix, bluetooth update or that one little thing that would fix my issue. Fortunately I’ve got a colleague with the same phone who came up with this idea.

Didier D’Joos


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