Tip: Camera not working in Skype, Zoom,…

Recently a handful of types of webcams turned dark in Skype, Zoom and other video chat programs, while the Windows Camera app still showed the video perfectly.

The cases I ran into were running Windows 10 1909 or 2004 running on older models of hardware. Cams were showing up as ‘easycam’ or ‘HP HD webcam’

The resulting video test in skype settings would look something like this:

Due to the older hardware models new drivers are hard or impossible to find, but an easy fix is here:

  1. open device management (Windows key + x / select device management)
  2. locate your webcam
  3. right-click & select properties
  1. Select the driver tab
  2. Select update driver
  3. Select Browse my computer for drivers
  1. Select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer
  1. Uncheck Show compatible hardware
  1. Now Select Microsoft in the left pane
  2. Select USB Video Device in the right pane
  3. Select Next & accept the waring about possible not compatible driver

Result, camera back working fine in all your apps happy video chatting 😉

Note: If this does not work for your device, right click the camera in device manager, select uninstall & when the device asks to reboot let it, it will redetect the camera on boot with the previous driver you had installed

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